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Sales can be one of the most demanding jobs out there, and salespeople are often tired and overworked. With the holidays just around the corner, show your appreciation with a gift. 

Whether you’re looking to show your sales team that you value them, or simply want to get a gift for your favorite co-worker or that special salesperson in your life, there’s nothing better than giving them a meaningful present. 

Our team at Kara is made up of former salespeople, so we were easily able to pinpoint what salespeople need (and want) the most. We pulled together our list of the top 15 gift ideas your favorite sales rep will love this holiday season.

1. Luxury bluetooth noise-canceling headphones

Any business professional would be thrilled with a pair of bluetooth headphones. Whether it’s blocking out those at-home distractions when working remotely or blocking out those chatty airplane seatmates when traveling to see a client, bluetooth headphones are always handy to have. 

Depending on your budget, options range from $69-$600. Here at Kara, we love the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, or for something uber-chic, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay collection is both stylish and comfortable. The Bose Quiet Comfort line is especially popular among frequent travelers. 

Lucas Debois, Sales Manager at Kara, said his top pick is the Apple airpods. “They are just amazingly convenient in the way they work and communicate with other Apple devices. The ease in which I can just switch devices automatically is just amazing. I have them in my pocket all day, every day.”

If you can’t decide between in-ear or over-ear, those who love a sleek design and prefer to carry around something smaller may prefer the in-ear fit. For those who don’t mind a bulkier pair and love comfort, opt for over-ear.

2. An Audible subscription

The new way to read is to listen. Audible is an online audiobook and podcast platform available on Amazon. A subscription allows users to purchase and stream audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken content to their digital devices, making it easy for you to “read” while driving, while cleaning at home, or while exercising.

While nothing can replace the feel of a real book, Audible is the way of the future for busy sales reps who may not have the time to sit down for a few hours and read, but want to enjoy listening to content while on the go.

3. A beautiful pen

Writing is so vintage! Even though Kara is a tech company, we love the feeling of physically writing with a pen on paper — especially with a beautiful pen. A luxury pen is a gift that will last generations: a salesperson can keep it on their desk or in their pocket or bag, always ready to ink that important deal and sign with a flourish.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

4. A year’s worth of their favorite streaming subscription

We’ve all spent more time at home in 2020 watching screens. A streaming subscription is the ideal gift for someone no matter what genre of television or movies they enjoy watching. Whether it’s Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO or others, a streaming subscription will ensure your favorite sales rep can relax and unwind on the weekends with some entertainment. Samy Khanafer, COO of Kara, notes that his preferred streaming subscription is Netflix thanks to the variety of shows and films it offers. 

5. Eco-friendly lunch carrier for the office

2020 has been the year of remote work, but it’s likely 2021 will bring more employees back to the office. For those who love to bring their lunch from home, a reusable lunch box or bag will ensure their lunch stays fresh and safe while still keeping waste at bay. Many stainless steel, leak and waterproof lunch boxes are available at ECOlunchboxes. Or, Natural Collections makes reusable lunch bags woven from recycled plastic bottles. This gift is ideal for sales reps who love sustainability, or who have dietary restrictions or preferences. 

6. Meditation app subscription

From our time as salespeople, we recall being tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, and frazzled. Meditation is a way for salespeople to take a short break from their exhausting days, from as little as just a couple minutes during lunch to a full-on evening 40-minute sleep meditation.

And it’s not all hokey pokey. Some apps, like Calm, have relaxing or white noise sounds you can listen to as you work, or bedtime stories if you aren’t into mediations. Insight allows you to sign up for 10-day courses for a small dose of themed meditation each day, from digital detox to sound healing to better sleep. Some apps even have yoga or exercise to clear the mind. No matter how your favorite sales rep prefers to relax, a meditation app subscription may be just the right choice to help rejuvenate them after a hectic holiday season of work.

7. Portable charger

No matter the brand or model your phone, it’s likely you’ve been caught out without battery at some point. Salespeople, who are always on the go and constantly on their phones, may realize they need a charge on the metro or during a meeting and not have access to a plug. 

A portable charger is a must. 

There are a million brands available, but Aukey and Belkin products tend to offer a powerful and consistent charge. For those invested in a stylish gift, the Pearl Mirror Power Bank looks like a compact, complete with a mirror and ring light, coming in various color options and offering a charge. 

8. Spa treatments

Overwork takes a toll on the body. In fact, CEO of Kara, Lara Khanafer suffered from back pain as a symptom of exhaustion and overwork back in her sales days. A relaxing spa treatment such as a massage, facial, or hydrotherapy experience can really help a stressed-out salesperson to physically and mentally relax, later returning to work refreshed. 

Lara said, “The best gift you can give me is a massage. It nourishes the skin, the muscles, and the soul. As salespeople, we give up a lot of energy to others, and a massage is a great way to get your energy level back up.”

9. Coffee subscription box  

Most salespeople are tired. Coffee helps.

If your favorite salesperson loves a cuppa joe, consider a coffee subscription box. Much of the coffee in these boxes comes from boutique businesses or sustainable producers (there’s a coffee box for every kind of coffee drinker), so you can personalize the box while staying eco-friendly and supporting small businesses that need your help. Some boxes like the Crema subscription even encourage teams to bond over the caffeinated drink, allowing users to rate coffee and customize their boxes via Slack.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

10. Amazon gift card

While we at Kara love to shop locally, if you need a more general gift for a co-worker or sales employee, an Amazon gift card encompasses all borders no matter what country you live in. Good for books, household items, electronics, personal items and more, your sales rep can choose what best benefits them. This gift may be ideal if you don’t have a deep personal relationship with this salesperson, or they’re new at the company.

11. Food subscription service

Cooking is something we may love, but it takes time. Giving someone the gift of a meal means that they won’t need to prepare an extensive dinner after a long day. 

Depending on what country you’re in, these services can come with ingredients you mix and cook together to create your meal. Some offer a fresh meal you simply need to heat up in the microwave or oven. Either way, the gift of nourishment is perfect for a busy salesperson who may just be too exhausted to shop for ingredients and fully cook a meal.

12. Vertical desk garden

Sales reps can enjoy a little nature straight from their desk with a vertical garden. It’s a small square of greenery that looks like a picture frame, but with plants inside. A unique alternative to the classic gift of a desk plant, this verdant gift from Portrait Garden will bring a smile to any plant-loving sales rep. Maintenance is easy, you just spray it periodically with water using a spray bottle. 

13. Wine-themed gifts

Whether it be a unique wine opener, a wine jacket, a wine rack, set of wine glasses or even just your favorite bottle of Bordeaux, consider a wine gift this year. Most salespeople would relish the chance to relax with a fancy bottle of wine and all the accouterments that accompany it. 

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

14. Business backpack

The days of the leather briefcase are no longer. Nowadays, many sales reps may prefer a backpack. It allows you to fit more items and sling it over your back — and it can double as a gym bag, grocery tote and more, easily fitting into a salesperson’s busy lifestyle.

Backpacks don’t have to look like you’re hiking Everest or spending a few months traveling Thailand. There are plenty of business backpacks ideal for professionals. Many even have dedicated spaces for your laptop or tablet, cords, paperwork or come with tech items like portable chargers or speakers. When it comes to brands, Nomatic is one of the most durable out there. The TYLT Power Bag comes with a charger, too.

15. Box clothing service subscription

Many salespeople are just too busy to shop, but recognize the importance of first impressions. Giving them a subscription to a box clothing service will ensure they can find stylish, professional, and comfortable clothes that fit. And they won’t have the added hassle of visiting store after store. Many of these services have personal stylists that choose items based on their customer’s likes and purchases. Sales reps will love the personalized attention. 

This holiday season, show your favorite salesperson some extra cheer by getting them one of these thoughtful, yet functional gifts. It will relieve the pressure of their stressful sales job and ensure they return to work refreshed and relaxed after the holidays. Happy shopping!

Feature image by Nathan Lemon via Unsplash