Increase your
sales productivity. is a simple and powerful daily planner
designed by salespeople for salespeople.

Kara benefits
everyone in the team.

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Sales Reps

For salespeople, time is money! Become more productive by better understanding your habits and how you handle your time.

Focus on the next right action

Feed the necessary data automatically into your CRM

Deep reports and analytics for up-to-date weekly reports


Create best in class habits for your team! Kara will help you turn low and mid-performers into high efficiency and productivity performers.

Team scaling

Team productivity



Your Clients

With good sales habits comes more clients and more signed deals.

Better Follow-ups

Clearer actions plans

Purposeful interactions

Simple and designed to keep reps selling.

With Kara as your favorite sales tool, your days will be filled with productivity! A beautiful design for an exponential increase in results.

Daily Planning made simple

Take control of your time and visualize what is ahead for your day. With our integration with your calendar you’ll be able to see and anticipate your day and organize what to do in between meetings.

Task Management made fun

You’ll fall in love with Kara. We created a beautiful and fun user experience packed with amazing productivity tools.

CRM Feeding made easy

Kara is easy to use and it makes your relationship with your CRM simpler than ever. With the two-way sync, whatever you have on your CRM will be in Kara, and vice-versa.

No more double entry

Kara transforms your CRM into a friendly tool

Convert opportunities into actionable tasks

Less time spent on the CRM

Get your weekly reports ready in no time

With Kara’s reports you’ll understand how you’re using your time and how to get better at it. Kara will help you make better use of your time like no other tool ever has.

Custom performance analytics

Kara will make use of the data to give you deep and amazing analytics of your progress. You’ll be able to grasp and visualize your improvements on a daily basis.

Mix Professional and Personal

Kara was created to help you become better. Divide your Kara so you can be more productive in every aspect of your life. Share what needs to be shared with your colleagues and keep your personal life for yourself.


With more meetings, projects, and apps competing for our attention every day, it’s hard to focus on what matters most. Our mission is to make working as a sales professional easy and fun.

We build a tool that allows our users to focus ONLY on what’s Important and/or Urgent. With the support of the’s assistant, you can finally focus on what you do best, selling.

Our Team

Behind Kara there is an amazing team! We are all proud to be a part of this challenging project and bring Kara to the hands of every salesperson out there.
From different origins and cultures, we came together to put our individual strengths and experiences in favor of a collective effort to create Kara, the most beloved tool by sales professionals.


We integrate with the most popular and used CRMs and calendars out there. More will be added as we grow!

And more to come..