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They use Kara:

Managing sales should be about coaching and motivating their teams not collecting data in excels and messy CRMs.

Missed Targets

Missing a quarter when you need to grow can have a major impact on the team. Are your sales managers struggling to review performances and achieve sales objectives? Mismanaged teams fail to execute and hit sales targets.

Too Slow Ramp-up

An onboarding process that fails to foster quick results and consistency makes it difficult for managers to develop teams and drive results. How much talent can you afford to lose to inconsistent management practices?

Inaccurate CRM data

Failing to consistently keep  your CRM clean and everyone on the same page results in bad forecast and missed objectives. Without a strong 1-on-1 process in place to support your reps and review pipeline bad surprises are always around the corner.

We understand the unique challenge that comes with effective sales management. Let us partner with you to see your managers and teams reach their peak potential.

Kara benefits

for the team.

Take the Guess work out of managing sales

Sales Reps

Reduce admin burden thanks to an easy-to-use CRM interface. Significantly decrease number of clicks to clean pipeline and follow-up on tasks.

Sales Managers

Automate process to eliminate repetitive reporting burden

 The ease of use helps ensure clean CRM data without endless repetition or repeated chasing of sales reps.

Founders & VP Sales

Clean CRM data that can be trusted for revenue forecast. Ensure effective 1-on-1, reduces ramp-up time of new joiners so you can increases conversion rate and reduces sales cycle allow for faster growth.

Sales management made easy

Sales managers use to get a snapshot of the sate of their business, launch 1-on-1’s and see weekly progress, achievements, highlight top performers, and directly update their CRM based on their team’s weekly activity.


Meaningful 1-on-1

During 1-on-1’s is where the magic happens. Celebrating achievements, providing feedback and support and defining clear goals is what great managers do. Kara facilitates these best practices thanks to the no effort integration with your CRM data.


Team Objectives

Weekly team meetings allows for the whole team to be on the same page. Creating goals together ensures commitment from everyone. Measuring weekly progress and celebrating leaders creates accountability within the team.


Engaged Sales Team

Employees that feel valued and are managed based on facts show loyalty and are much more productive. Our can make these outcomes an everyday reality

Data quality

Clean CRM

An app that doesn’t need any training, so no need for expensive Sales Operation to have clean and updated pipeline information. Thanks to the no code integration and real time CRM sync updating your pipeline is a child play.


Healthy Competition

Sales people love to be the best, that is why creating healthy competition is how to always strive to be better and drive performance.

With more meetings, projects, and apps competing for our attention every day, it’s hard to focus on what matters most. Our mission is to make working as a sales professional easy and fun. We build a tool that allows our users to focus ONLY on what’s Important and/or Urgent. With the support of the’s assistant, you can finally focus on what you do best, selling.

What our customers say about us

Victor Vivès

Growth Advisor @ Kitchy

“Kara finally allows me to track the performance of my SDRs and AEs with clear business objectives and a fun interface. This makes it easier for me to detect the causes of lost or delayed opportunities…”

Adrien Demeure

Head of Sales @ Wizville

“Kara is an amazing tool to manage sales reps. As a former Hubspot Sales Rep, I understand perfectly the team’s mission. Kara UI/UX is refreshing and intuitive.”

A tool designed for salespeople




We integrate with the most popular and used CRMs and calendars out there. More will be added as we grow!
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