Focus on
what matters

A productivity tool for the sales teams that helps CRM users
to manager their targets, time and teams better 😙

Increases the sales’ team productivity!

Organize and understand your teams with a new perspective.

A beautiful design for an exponential increase in productivity.


Ideal Pipeline

How does your Ideal Pipeline look like?

With the creation of an Ideal Pipeline, sales and managers will track their deals progress and performance with a new approach on relevant KPIs.

Time spent per stage

Average basket

Size of pipes

Conversion rate



How easy should tracking objectives be?

Setting and tracking objectives for individual sales and the whole team is now fast and simple. No more miss-understandings.



Individuals and teams



How does checking the health of your CRM sound?

You’ve defined your Ideal Pipeline, now let’s understand how your teams are performing against it.

Clear charts

Meaningful evaluation



Should it be that complicated to understand where your sales is standing?

With the sales personalized profile, you’ll have a clear understanding of your sales activity, strengths and weaknesses. The data is right there with you whenever you need it.

Individual objectives

Personal performance

Up to date data

Our Mission

With more meetings, projects, and apps competing for our attention every day, it’s hard to focus on what matters the most. Our mission is to make working as sales professionals easy and fun.

We built a tool that allows our sales users and their managers to focus only on what’s important and/or urgent. With the support of the Kara’s intelligence, you can finally get a clearer vision on your team’s situations and organize your CRM like never before.


We integrate with the most popular and used CRMs and calendars out there. More will be added as we grow!

And more to come…