How not to get fired by your sales manager

How not to get fired by your sales manager

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November 11, 2022

Getting fired can always be a possibility, no matter what field or sector you may work in. But in high-pressure jobs like sales, where results-oriented performance is a must, it can be daunting to worry about making yourself invaluable to your sales manager or team in order to avoid getting the boot.

While salespeople can also be frustrated with their managers, it’s just as frustrating for managers to deal with an unmotivated sales team. Most companies can’t afford to have underperforming salespeople, which is why a manager may not hesitate to kick someone off their team. 

Don’t let that person be you! While you may typically be great on the job, a number of reasons may lead to underperformance, so read on to figure out how to stay on your A-game, improve your relationship with your sales manager, and avoid getting kicked to the curb.

1. Define your goals

As a sales representative, it’s essential for you to set individual and team goals for yourself in addition to what your sales manager has set. Keep a notebook of daily and weekly goals to achieve and cross them out as you accomplish them. This will help you stay on track and meet the company’s (and your own) expectations.

2. Support your team (and they’ll support you)

While many tasks as a sales rep are done alone, you’ll still need to collaborate at times. Frequent interaction with team members is essential, and this constant communication will help you stay motivated and ahead of the competition. This is especially important in complex sales cycles. Being a team leader will also help build trust and a solid relationship with your sales manager, too.

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3. Perfect your pitch

We’re not talking about your singing voice here. As a sales rep, it’s essential to be well-versed in your sales pitches to clients or potential prospects. For many sales representatives, it is the first time they are interacting face-to-face(or virtually face-to-face) with the client. Feeling anxious is natural, but if you want to stand out, you need to surpass all odds and deliver a convincing sales pitch that addresses the client’s problems, acknowledges their pain points, and provides solutions that address their issues. Having better sales communication will give you a higher chance of closing that deal and meeting your sales goals. And sales reps that close deals and meet their goals don’t get fired!

4. Utilize tech tools

Using technology to achieve your sales goals can help you increase your productivity. Use an online daily planner like the Kara App that connects directly with your CRM software to keep track of all the clients and their data in one place. Use online communication tools to update your clients, sales team, and your sales manager whenever required. You can also make use of calendar management, routing, and scheduling apps to stay more efficient in the field.

5. Follow the processes

The company’s sales department likely has specific processes and tools in place in order to achieve smooth sales transactions. If you are someone who isn’t fond of these processes or isn’t willing to adapt to the company’s way of how things work, then you will most likely be unsuccessful in meeting your goals. Avoid fighting with the management when they tell you a sure way to do things. We get it — some processes are annoying, mundane, and time-wasters. It’s all part of life, and work. Don’t complain, just do it.

6. Consistency is key when it comes to quotas

A negative attitude, poor conversational skills, and lack of prospecting are all issues that can be fixed, but the real problem arises when you are repeatedly unable to meet the sales quota that has been assigned to you. If you completely ignore good leads, don’t update the CRM, ignore forecasts, don’t do your research, and blow off meetings and training, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to meet your sales goals. And you can pretty much guess what will happen next.

7. Be open with your sales manager

Sales managers want you to succeed. If you succeed, they succeed, and the company succeeds — it’s a win-win! If, at any point in time, you feel like you’re confused and need clarity, approach your sales manager. There is absolutely no harm in asking questions. This will stop you from making big mistakes that could be detrimental for the client as well as your position in the company. Plus, it could help you cultivate a great relationship with your sales manager.

Bottom line

Your sales manager will give you a few chances to succeed, but it can get expensive for the company to hold on to you if you aren’t meeting their sales goals. Setting goals for yourself, following sales processes, incorporating technology into your methods, communicating successfully with the clients, and consistently meeting sales quotas will help you maintain (and thrive in) your position. Make yourself essential to sales managers and develop healthy relationships with your team so you can always approach them in times of need. Using these strategies, you’ll be far from fired when it comes to those annual reviews. You may just end up head salesperson, or in line for manager!

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