Short sales cycles: Techniques to quickly close a sales deal

Short sales cycles: Techniques to quickly close a sales deal

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November 10, 2022

Closing a sale is one of the top priorities for any sales representative. And while it may seem easy in theory, things can sometimes get tricky. In order to close a deal, you’ll have to effectively prospect, research, and negotiate with your potential customer. All in all, it can be a lengthy process with a lot of back and forth, even during a shorter sales cycle

The ‘make-or-break’ moment in the field of sales is when a salesperson successfully closes or doesn’t close a sale. No salesperson wants to be pushy and make things awkward for the customer by forcing them into an uncomfortable deal. 

So, how can salespeople ensure that they close a sale? Here at Kara, we’re a team made up of former salespeople, so we know how complicated things can get. 

While some of these closing techniques may seem a little old-school (think Wolf of Wall Street), they may be useful when dealing with short sales cycles. Although we’re more a fan of sales processes versus techniques, it’s important to appeal to all salespeople, not just the ones with long or huge sales cycles. So, we pulled together a list of our favorite techniques to help you close that next deal during a short sales cycle.

Technique 1: Sell the benefits

Many salespeople focus on describing the product or service attributes and features to the prospective customer, but the top closers only present the things that are most important to the customer: the benefits. How will your product actually make your client’s life easier, or solve a problem their company is facing?

Each selling point in their sales pitch is linked with a feature that, in turn, is linked with the benefit that the product or service will provide to the client. To be a top closer, you must ask your loyal customers why they continue to do business with you. This will tell you the needs you satisfy and the benefits you offer them. Once you know, you can use that to your advantage to help close your next sale.

Technique 2: Keep sales pitches and closing pitches separate

It’s important to note that your sales pitch and closing pitch are two separate things. Your sales pitch is where you tell the customer the value proposition of the product or the service, while the closing pitch is where you make a final push. Make sure to craft each of these separately, focusing on the key points of each.

One of the best techniques to close your next sale is to practice your sales pitch and closing pitch separately since they represent two distinct phases of the sales process.

Remember to gather as much information as possible while dealing with your customer — even personal info, in order to later use it in your final sales closing pitch. Any way you can personalize this pitch will make things more likely to end in success. 

Technique 3: Earn your customer’s trust

To be a top closer, you need to show your prospect that you are highly interested in going into business with them and that you take their time seriously. Call your customer when you say you’ll call them, and meet them when you say you’ll meet them. 

Being late or not following up as planned will send your customers directly to your competitors. Use software like our productivity app Kara to schedule your meetings and set automated reminders so you never miss a beat (and keep your clients happy).

Technique 4: Offer choices

Never present your client with just one solution to solve their problem. Whether you are selling a product or a service, offer them more than one solution, or various choices at different pricing options. Make sure to detail out the benefits they’ll receive from each. More choices equal more opportunities for a sale. 

Technique 5: Gather industry knowledge

Top closers are always working hard for that industry knowledge. This way, they’ll stay updated with all the hot trends for providing solutions to their prospective customers. It’s essential to stay on top of things by reading newsletters, blogs, publications, and researching on social media. This will give you all the latest information pertaining to your industry so you can impress your prospect.

And don’t worry. By reading this article, you’re already doing that!

Technique 6: Understand that closing is a process

One of the best ways of closing your next sale is understanding that closing doesn’t happen with a quick “yes” or a “no” answer. It’s a process that might be interrupted by last-minute changes, objections, or competitive bids. 

To be a top closer, you must have a Plan B. Don’t be caught by surprise if something unexpected happens. Instead, know exactly what to do and how to react so you can save the deal and maintain your client.

Technique 7: Make it a habit to follow up

We already discussed how important it is to gain your client’s trust by keeping consistent and following up. But following up is truly one of the best techniques to close your next sale. Plus, it requires very little effort on your end to simply check in with your potential customer.

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